It all started with one lady who was determined to change how the world saw whom she coined “children from hard places.” Her name was Dr. Karyn Purvis. She eventually had a team of people around her (Dr. David Cross included) who made it their live’s work to educate professionals and parents how to best serve these precious children.

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As word got out, a Facebook support group was born, Parenting with Connection. Then this website was born from a need to catalog resources and stories in a way that Facebook wasn’t designed to do.

The mission is to have an easily searchable list of resources for parents looking to learn more about trust-based parenting.

Besides our official “Resources” page, the blog has a collection of posts that range from informative to encouraging.

Here are the top 3 viewed blog posts ever:

  1. The Adopted Child from the Inside Out.
  2. The Inside Scoop | Fighters
  3. Don’t Let Trauma Fool You

We’ve also found that parenting kids from hard places can be an extremely lonely and isolating journey. We often can’t share our stories publicly without throwing our children under the bus, but it’s our stories that connect us to other families walking similar roads. The secondary mission of the blog is to give the world a glimpse into the hard realities we face daily while still protecting our families’ privacy. If you’d like to share or contribute, click here.

If you’re brand new to this model of parenting, here’s a written summary or watch this quick video.

For further exploration, the DVDs, Trust-based Parenting and TBRI for Teens* are excellent.

*recommended for parents of children who are grade-school aged as well.

For digging deeper, check out the 9-week parent training course. You can also connect to the moderator via the Ask a Question form.

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