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Ask PWC | When Your Kids Don’t Want to Connect

“Time in, not time out.” “Stay with your child.” “Wounds created in relationship will only heal in relationship.” “Be proactive about connecting with your child.” But, what if your child does not want to

Connecting is always best

Common questions and comments among social media groups dedicated to connecting and trust-based parenting principles are inquiries such as: How do I know if it’s a normal kid issue or attachment/adoption/trauma related? My child

Ask PWC | Constant Questions and Chatter

How do you handle the kid who is constantly talking to you and tends to ask the same questions repeatedly? First, let’s understand why your child may be doing this. Like so many other

Ask PWC | What if my kids don’t do their chores?

┬áSince you were talking about consequences last week, what do I do if my kid does not do his chore? Let’s think through the first few principles in the last post. 1. Requiring chores

Ask PWC | Consequences

I’m new to trust-based parenting. What are the consequences for lying, stealing, hitting, or <insert your child’s behavior-of-the-day>? It’s important to remember that #1–our children use behavior to communicate and #2– their brains have

Ask PWC | Play!

What activities can I do with my child that also promote connection? Hide and Seek. Verbalize scripts such as “I love you and will always find you” or “You’ll always be able to find

Ask PWC | Hands off!

What is going on when my child constantly touches stuff that is off limits or fidgets with things until they are destroyed? Sometimes she even picks at her body until she bleeds. How do