What every foster (or adoptive) family needs

Actually, I should say, “Who.”

Meet Andrea.

She regularly kicks her friends (who are foster parents) out, tells them they can’t home any earlier than 10 PM, and asks for nothing in return.

She notices needs like a worn out pack ‘n play and has the Amazon fairy deliver a new one.

She gifts bags of cool weather clothes when cool weather comes a knockin.’

She sends random texts asking to take the littles while the bigs are at school.

Do you know what she says when she’s thanked?

“No, thank YOU! You’re the one caring for the kids in need!”

No, thank YOU! You're the one caring for the kids in need! #truefriend #fostercare Click To Tweet

Not everyone is called to foster or adopt, but maybe you’re being called to be an Andrea. Every family needs one!

Adapted from a foster mama on Instagram. Shared with permission.

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