The Ultimate Yoga Resource List for Adults

Yoga for Parents

Click here for the resource list for children.

This list provides adoptive parents yoga and mindfulness tools to 1) increase their personal well-being and decrease their risk of caregiver burnout and secondary trauma; 2) strengthen their TBRI and connected parenting skills through improved self-regulation; 3) model mindfulness and self-care for their children; and 4) increase their self-confidence in practicing yoga and mindfulness with their kids.

To navigate this list effectively,

  1. Decide which format(s) would work best for you and/or your child (instructional book, MP3, CD, storybook, DVD, online video or mobile app*)
  2. Find the section that lists the options for that format and “preview” the material that interests you to make sure it feels like a good fit for you and/or your child’s needs
  3. Consider your price range**
  4. Return to this guide for more ideas as you and/or your child’s interests and abilities emerge.

Note that the listed age ranges are only recommendations. Also, a consistent practice is most effective; five minutes a day is better than one longer session a week.

*Format Key:​ P=Print; K=Kindle; PM=Prime Member; KU: Kindle Unlimited; MP=MP3; CD=Audio CD

**Amazon Pricing Key: ​$0= Free; $=$5 and under; $$= $6-$15; $$$=$16-$25; $$$$=more than $25

(Disclaimer: This guide includes affiliate links.)

Instructional Books

Online Videos

Mobile Apps (iPhone and iPad)

  • The Mindful Parent ​($0 w/in-app purchases): The app features guided meditations for kids, mindfulness exercises for parents, and tips for integrating mindfulness into family life/schools.
  • Insight Timer ​($0 with in-app purchases): The app consists of a silent meditation timer and more than 1300 guided meditations (including parenting ones): It also tracks one’s practice over time.
  • Buddha’s Brain ​($): This app provides a comprehensive overview of mindfulness, along with guided meditations to enhance emotional well-being, focus and attention, and self-regulation.
  • Calm​ ($0, with in-app purchases): This app contains a silent meditation timer and many guided meditations. Some of the guided meditations are free, and others require purchase.
  • Headspace ​($0 with in-app purchases): ​This app provides numerous guided and unguided meditations. It offers meditation reminders, practice tracking over time, and a buddy system.
  • Happify ​($0 with in-app purchases): This app tailors activities to your emotional and physical health needs, such as coping with stress, strengthening relationships, building resilience.
  • Stop, Breathe and Think ​($0, with in-app purchases): See description in apps for adolescents.

Other Online Resources for Parents and Adults

  • This website has an extensive collection of written, audio, and videos about mindfulness and how to practice it. The meditation section is especially useful.
  • A comprehensive website run by Kristen Neff for learning about self-compassion research, self assessments, and practices.
  • Left Brain Buddha: This website provides resources for developing a mindfulness practice, some of which are aimed specifically at parents/mothers.

Thanks to Tree Frog Kids Yoga and Elisha Bidwell for compiling this list.

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