Trauma and Learning

trauma and learning

Her body tried to keep things from becoming a lasting memory. #traumaandlearning Click To Tweet

We finally feel like we have some good answers with regards to our [daughter’s] learning issues. Had a psychological, emotional and intelligence testing done. She has great working memory–can hold a conversation with you with regards to what she is reading at that time, but does not have an ability to put things into long term memory (.02 % in relation to peers). This causes her to become really angry and frustrated. It was explained by the psychologist that, during her early years of constant stress, she merely survived and her body tried to keep things from becoming a lasting memory. Stress after stress after stress–just trying to get through each day. At some point, her brain didn’t acquire the ability to encode things into memory. Now, she is 17 and can’t remember things unless she has an emotional connection to them. I hope this helps you all understand some of your kids’ learning issues. Making a meaningful, emotional connection to what they’re learning is hard, but is the only way some of them will be able to retain and, then, recall. We now have a really good special education teacher who gets it and is working with her daily.

Her brain didn't acquire the ability to encode to memory. #traumaandlearning #learningdisabilities Click To Tweet
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