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Below is a collection of various blog posts meant to encourage, inspire or educate. Grab a steaming mug of hot liquid this weekend and steal away to a quiet corner for some quick reads.

15 Trauma Healing Goals – Symbolic Representations

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately drawing symbols. You see, I want to put symbols next to each exercise in the book of trauma healing self-therapy exercises I am working on. The symbols will indicate all the Healing Goals that exercise will help one achieve.

Going Backward to Move Forward: A Dad’s Perspective on Attachment Challenges

Our daughter had great difficulty forming a secure attachment to us. She resisted love and affection from us, she displayed indiscriminate affection to strangers in public, and for a long time every woman she saw she called “mama.”  The first six to nine months that we were a family were honestly the most difficult of my life. That sounds so selfish because as hard as it was for me, it must have been exponentially harder for our daughter. This precious little person caught in the middle (experts say the trauma of adoption is equivalent to a kidnapping). She had no idea what was happening. Her concerning behaviors weren’t done intentionally, even though when I was tired and burned out it felt that way.  We were bumping into her history, a history that she did not choose for herself.

Violence and 9-1-1

Sometimes prevention doesn’t work.

There are days when a meltdown happens so quickly and unexpectedly that there is nothing – absolutely NOTHING – that will keep her from turning into an out-of-control monster… her own unique 14-year-old version of The Incredible Hulk.

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