Yoga Resources for Kids

yoga for kids

Between the movement and the focus on mindfulness and breathing, yoga is a fabulous tool for the parent of a child from a hard place. Check out these posts and resources for ideas on how to integrate yoga into your routine.

5 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses To Help Your Child Avoid A Meltdown

Maybe it’s a refusal to put on a hat, maybe it’s wanting to get out of the car, or not get out of the car — whatever the trigger (and it can be anything, can’t it?) we all know the moment when our child is careening toward a full-on meltdown.

Cosmic Kids Yoga Videos on YouTube

Yoga videos made specially for kids aged 3+. These are 20-minute adventures which build strength, balance and confidence – and get kids into yoga early. Healthy interactive stories featuring simple lessons for a happy life.

Tree Frog Kids Yoga

Look for posts entitled “Yoga for Adoptive Families: …”

Managing Big Emotions Through Movement

Brain research shows us that movement and breath help to alleviate stress and anxiety. Our bodies are designed to move—just think about how many miles a day the cave people used to run every day. Modern people lead mostly sedentary lives, and we almost have to relearn how to use movement to lead happy and healthy lives.

Also includes links for printable yoga posters.

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