Successes from the Trenches


These are real stories from real families struggling with tough behaviors everyday but finding hope in parenting with connection.

  • No one ran away today…including me.
  • We resolved an issue without yelling, hurt feelings, or tears.
  • Everyone was nice for a whole hour!
  • I received a heartfelt apology and an admission that sometimes he doesn’t know how to manage his big feelings.
  • We had a success road trip using fidgets in the car.
  • Met my 11 year old at his age with puppet role play and peek-a-boo.
  • My son came clean about an issue at school and made restitution.
  • No one swore at me today!
  • She initiated affection.
  • My son verbalized why school is stressing him.
  • She followed through on a chore today.
  • I peed with the door closed today.
  • No one said, “I hate you!” to me today.
  • At least my dogs were happy to see me.
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