You Know You’re Practicing Parenting with Connection When…

You Know You're Practicing Parenting with Connection When...

  • You catch yourself saying to the dog, “Good job not barking at the fence this morning.”
  • You start giving choices to your pets.
  • Your child asks YOU if YOU need a redo.
  • You ask your co-workers if your eyes are kind enough and your voice is playful enough.
  • You sit down on the sidewalk to talk to your child about his desire to not go to school because you know being below his eye level is important.
  • You regularly say, “That was great accepting ‘no’ without hitting mommy!”
  • Your kids see other parents yelling in public and say, “That parent needs TBRI.”
  • Your child says, “I’m going to give you two choices…”
  • You worry about your little chicks’ birth trauma.
  • The only long vocabulary word your toddler knows is “dysregulated.”
  • You pull your kid close for a hug as an initial response to bad behavior because you know his primal needs.
  • Your child says, “Let me try that again,” before you can.
  • Most of the people in your world think you’re parenting incorrectly.

How do you know you’re parenting with connection?

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