Mindfulness Resources


Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to and identifying all the different feelings and sensations happening in your body. It can also include recognizing how certain situations and other external stimuli affect those feelings and sensations. Because knowing is half the battle, mindfulness practice can lead to better managing of intense feelings and a decrease in maladaptive behaviors when dealing with overwhelming waves of emotion.

Teaching Mindfulness to Children

This document provides more information on mindfulness and suggests some practical ways to start using mindfulness with your children.

Free Guided Meditations

These can be downloaded through iTunes or directly as .mp3’s. They are short, ranging from 3 to 19 minutes.

Dr. Dan Siegel’s Wheel of Awareness

This is a visual metaphor for the integration of conscious thought. It is a tool mentioned in most of Dr. Siegel’s books. There is a 25 minute guided meditation using this tool on YouTube.

7 Fun Ways To Teach Your Kids Mindfulness

This blog post gives 7 simple mindfulness activities.

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