Weekend Reading | Jan. 2


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Below is a collection of various blog posts meant to encourage, inspire or educate. Grab a steaming mug of hot liquid this weekend and steal away to a quiet corner for some quick reads.

The Plans I Didn’t Plan

Much on the journey with a child from a hard place does not go as planned. Maybe your whole adoption has not gone as planned. Mine certainly didn’t, yet as I look back over the hard years God has clearly directed our steps, taught us amazing life lessons, healed us of wounds, and led us to more quickly trust in Him.

Wandering in the Desert….

For kids who come from hard places this is what the journey is like. This a parable of my journey. For me the water is soothing, and the need of nurture. I feared needing as it made me vulnerable.

Teacher to parents: About THAT kid (the one who hits, disrupts and influences YOUR kid)

You see, I worry all the time. About ALL of them. I worry about your child’s pencil grip, and another child’s letter sounds, and that little tiny one’s shyness, and that other one’s chronically empty lunchbox. I worry that Gavin’s coat is not warm enough, and that Talitha’s dad yells at her for printing the letter B backwards. Most of my car rides and showers are consumed with the worrying.

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