Weekend Reading | Jan. 16


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Below is a collection of various blog posts meant to encourage, inspire or educate. Grab a steaming mug of hot liquid this weekend and steal away to a quiet corner for some quick reads.

20 Signs of Unresolved Trauma

Even if the memories of abuse are hidden from the survivor’s awareness, blocked trauma / unresolved trauma creates very noticeable and obvious symptoms that can be easily seen in their every day lives.

Helping children when they bite, hit and push

Children hurting others is often a cry for help; as well as guidance relating to what you won’t let them do, it’s also generally a call for increased connection, warmth, affection, fun, laughter or perhaps they have some big cries locked inside their body that need an outlet.

Precious Warriors

I received an email this week from an adoptive mom who struggled in silence for years. She had just read the first chapter of my book, A Place I Didn’t Belong: Hope for Adoptive Moms someone had left in the break room at work. This was the first time she felt understood and not alone. Her email began a dialogue between us that included the following from her. I share it, with her permission, knowing it will resonate with many of you.


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