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Below is a collection of various blog posts meant to encourage, inspire or educate. Grab a steaming mug of hot liquid this weekend and steal away to a quiet corner for some quick reads.

Top Ten Most Ridiculous Comments Heard at an IEP Meeting

In my job as a special education advocate, and my other job as a parent of a child with special needs, I have been involved in too many Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings to count.  During these numerous IEP meetings I have met some wonderful, caring, knowledgeable, well meaning Teachers and School Personnel.

I have also, at times, heard some of the most outrageous statements!!!  These ridiculous comments fly in the face of everything the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) stands for.  What you will find below are ten of most ridiculous statements that I have heard and why they are so ridiculous.

3 Creative Ways to Love Kids Through Hard Spots

Because here’s the thing: whether we feel rejected or appreciated, loving our precious ones is always worth doing.

Got Self Compassion?

Now here’s the thing about therapeutic parents: Because they care so deeply about their kids, because their compassion (literally “suffering with”) for their children is so great, they can get sucked into their children’s suffering, swallowed up in a morass of anguish and abandonment.

That’s not good for anyone. Not for you, not for your child.

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