Not Me

There seem to be a hooligan on the loose. He goes by the name of Not Me.


If you’ve seen signs of any of the following:

  • Use of too much toilet paper.
  • Unflushed toilets.
  • Bodily fluids and excrement anywhere but in the toilet.
  • Stashes of food.
  • Unexplained messes.
  • Broken or missing anything.
  • Crayon and marker on the walls.

Your house may have been affected my Not Me. He may also identify himself as Not My Fault.

If you happen to get a visual on this elusive creature, please call your local authorities immediately. The capture of Not Me is crucial to the survival of the next generation.

Please report here if you have any additional information or aliases to aid in Not Me’s capture.

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  1. Christine P. | Reply
We want this to be a safe place for everyone but particularly foster and adoptive families. Please remember to comment with connection. We reserve the right to moderate all comments.

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