Mantras for Moms

photo courtesy of arztsamui /

photo courtesy of arztsamui /

“My child’s behavior is not a reflection of me.”

“This, too, will someday be a distant memory.”

“It’s not personal, it’s trauma!”

“The days are long, but the years are short.”

“Don’t take it personally.”

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” (Thank you, Dory.)

“If they are giving me a hard time, they are having a hard time.”

“God’s got this.”

“Focus on how far we’ve come, not on how far we have to go.”

“Let it go! Let it go!” (What would we do without kid movies?)

“Stop talking logic to a lizard.”

{Breathe in} Grace received.
{Breath out} Grace released.

“Mommies need time outs, too.”

“I can’t fix my child. I can only fix myself.”

Which is your favorite? Or do you have one to add?

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