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My daughter taped this sign to her closet about 6 months ago.  The last 6 months have been a breakthrough in her connecting with me and loving us.  When she came home three and a half years ago, her heart was a STONE.  I have never seen such a hard-hearted child.  It’s a good thing she was adopted in a sibling group, because her siblings kept me busy enough that I couldn’t focus on the fact that she basically did not speak to me for the first year.  She was 13 then and she did not care about a single person but herself.  Her way of coping with her loss was to shut out everyone, even her little biological brother, who would cry to me that she had never given him a hug.  The second photo I took a couple of weeks ago…her standing with her arms around her brother.  THIS HAD NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.  NEVER.  Yesterday she sent me a text that said “Love u too” and it made my whole day.  It has taken over three years of us pouring love into her every day, and disciplining her for her selfishness, but her heart has finally softened.  (One time recently she was so cold to my husband, I made her do something to serve him every day for a week.  It was one of my best punishments ever.  She had to list out the seven things in advance…dust his office, iron his shirts, make him lunch.  On the last day I made her give him a hug.  That was her hardest thing…she would much rather iron for hours. What does THAT tell you?!)  If she had been the only child I adopted at that time, I don’t know what I would have done.  Her comments would cut me like a knife.  Yesterday, she told me she might want to go into nursing because she “likes taking care of people”  WHAT???!!!  Since when??? I have a hole in my tongue this morning.   All I can say is, the human heart has a miraculous ability to heal.  DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR KIDS…GOD IS WITH YOU.

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