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After the last Inside Scoop post, there were a lot of folks asking, “So what can I do to be helpful?” So glad you asked!

Here are some ideas, in no particular order, straight from the mouths (or fingers) of families:

  1. Bring food.
  2. Bring wine.
  3. Take our healthy kids out.
  4. Pray (and ask for specific requests).
  5. Understand when we can’t keep commitments to be somewhere.
  6. Invest relationally in our struggling kids so you can provide respite without the “respite hangover.”
  7. Just keep checking in (but send texts or emails instead of calling).
  8. Clean and do laundry.
  9. Be willing to come to us and be with us and offer “in home” respite.
  10. Just listen.
  11. Gift cards or memberships to fun things we can do as a family

Remember that each family may have unique needs so all of these do not necessarily apply to everyone. Sometimes the best thing to do is just ask. However, be prepared (and let the family know you are prepared) for random or seemingly odd requests. Honestly, needs can change on a dime. We cannot always anticipate what we’ll need as our children are so unpredictable,┬áso your flexibility can be the greatest gift of all. Most importantly, once you commit to help, be dependable and follow through.

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