They Help Me Stay Calm, Mom

My personal journey into the world of essential oils started mostly as I researched my adopted foster daughter’s challenging emotional/psychological issues. We spent the first 7 years reeling from a lack of knowledge and support. I started researching essential oil companies, and had a good friend who had recently done the same. Once I decided upon the company, I purchased a kit that basically could be used to “replace” common over the counter drugs. I spent an entire month experimenting on normal household sicknesses, ailments and injuries. And I tried them on everyone I possibly could. When you have 5 siblings and when you all have produced a total of 16 going on 18 children with most under the age of 10…there are a LOT of bumps and bruises and runny noses! Over and over we were “sold” on our personal experiences of relieving symptoms and mending owies.
Thus began the search to help my daughter with her issues that had turned our home upside down. I am immeasurably relieved to finally have more understanding of the “why” of her difficulties through connected parenting, and coupled with our success with her essential oil protocol, our home is gradually becoming a place that I recognize from long ago.

Our oil protocol experienced many bumps in the road, and sometimes I literally threw up my hands in despair. But, one of the keys to essential oil use is to try something, and then when that doesn’t work, to try something else…and repeat. I researched issues such as ADD, ADHD, RAD, OCD, and essential oil use with children in general, and the two main things I was searching for was to help her sleep (calm her mind), and to help with the 2-4 hour screaming rages that we had EVERY SINGLE DAY of home school for the last 4 years.

We finally hit the gold mine in terms of which oils and their combination. At first, we only saw a huge improvement in her sleeping, but that gave me hope that we were onto something. She would get up in the morning and she herself would be completely amazed that she slept…all night…without waking up. I noticed a change in her countenance and personality, in that she seemed “happier.” Who wouldn’t…when you can actually sleep at night?! So, I moved onto different ways to apply the oils to really start targeting her brain. One day, after applying this following protocol, she had less raging during school. Day two was much less, and by day three, she did school happily and was able to visibly control her emotions. We did some experimenting, and when we would skip a couple applications, she would automatically fall apart at the seams and we would spend hours with the screaming fits and anger. When we stay consistent, she is literally able to “re-regulate” herself in a potentially unstable moment. On days where we know that there might be more difficulty, we also use a diffuser with the calming blend at the table, but that is extremely rare now.

MORNING protocol:

  1.  Massaging into her big toe, between her toes and on each foot a balancing (grounding) blend of:
    -Ho Wood
    -Blue Tansy
    -Blue Chamomile
  2.  Also massaging into her big toe, between her toes and on each foot a calming blend of:
    -55 drops of the balancing blend
    -25 drops of Patchouli
    -50 drops of a calming blend made up of Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Hawaiian Sandalwood and vanilla
    -75 drops of Lavender
    -50 drops of Vetiver
    -4 droppers full of fractionated coconut oil
  3. Massaging the 2nd calming blend up and down her spine and into the base of her skull.
  4. She rubs the following focusing blend onto her clay pendent necklace and into her temples, while I massage it into the base of her skull and mastoid bones behind the ears:
    – Amyris,
    -Ylang Ylang
    -Roman Chamomile

BEDTIME protocol:

  1.  The above protocol minus the focusing blend in step #4.
  2. Put one drop of Vetiver into her palm, she rubs her palms together, rubs into her temples and breathes deeply.
  3. Pray for a good night’s sleep and a good day tomorrow!

“I’m so glad we use oils, Mom. They help me sleep, they help me to stay calm, and we are healthy!” Miss S, age 9

 *Author is not a doctor and the statements on this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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