Three Reasons Why Mindfulness Benefits Parents

We hear a lot about mindfulness these days. At its core, mindfulness refers to the ability to bring conscious attention and awareness to one’s present experience with non-judgment, acceptance, and compassion. A growing body

5 Truths for Parents

Here are some truths I often tell to the middle aged gal in the mirror. She tends to need straight-forward, blunt talk to gain the clearest understanding. Too many words, while well-meaning, and often

The Ultimate Yoga Resource List for Adults

Click here for the resource list for children. This list provides adoptive parents yoga and mindfulness tools to 1) increase their personal well-being and decrease their risk of caregiver burnout and secondary trauma; 2)

The Ultimate Yoga Resource List for Children

To see the list for adults, click here. This list contains yoga and mindfulness resources that address one or more common needs of adopted children: Family bonding and attachment Awareness of internal states and

Book | Trying Differently Rather Than Harder

Choosing Joy in the Adoption Journey

He stood there looking at me with pale, icy blue eyes, staring as if through me. He clutched the meager selection of clothing he chose for the one small duffle bag of possessions he

Dealing with Overwhelm

I often refer to the experience of parenting kids from hard places as ‘deep end of the pool parenting.’ Most of us were fairly well prepared for kiddie pool parenting or even swimming lesson

Connection for the Win | A Before-School Special

Editor’s note: With the return to “normal” just around the corner, this contribution is a timely reminder that our kiddos from hard places may need a little extra connection to make it through the transition

One family’s road to healing

Once upon a time there was a family with a really hurt child who was a fighter. She had some points to prove, and she wasn’t going to let anyone get in her way.

5 Steps to Handling Misbehavior with Connection

We are creatures of habit. Whether it be the way we were parented or the stress of raising kids from hard places, I find most parents (myself included) are reactionary to misbehavior. The milk