Giving a Child the Space to Heal

Often when a family has hit rock bottom with a child, the last thing parents have space for is to try something new. Even harder is to try something that is so counterintuitive. To

5 Tips for Staying Connected to Kids Not Living at Home

We’re in the stage where our kids are all wiping their own bottoms, tying their own shoes, and some are even attempting life in the “real” world. “Real” as in you don’t live with

Weekend Reading | Dec. 8

Below is a collection of various blog posts meant to encourage, inspire or educate. Grab a steaming mug of hot liquid this weekend and steal away to a quiet corner for some quick reads.

Book | The Body Keeps the Score

What every foster (or adoptive) family needs

Actually, I should say, “Who.” Meet Andrea. She regularly kicks her friends (who are foster parents) out, tells them they can’t home any earlier than 10 PM, and asks for nothing in return. She

The advice that saved my relationship with my adopted teenager

We adopted teenagers with really good intentions. With training in connected parenting and lots of years mentoring teens, we thought we were well-prepared. Are you chuckling at our ignorance yet? Suffice it to say

Surviving Daylight Savings Time with Kids from Hard Places

In theory, it’s just a measly hour, but it wreaks havoc on neurotypical people. It’s like Armageddon for kids from hard places. Fortunately, knowing it will be a hard adjustment can help us plan

Marriage Survival for Foster and Adoptive Families

While this analysis suggests that our marriages aren’t statistically at higher risk than the general population, we know from experience that parenting kids from hard places is stressful (#understatement) and stress can expose any

An Open Letter to Pediatric Practitioners

Dear Doctor, One of the toughest things, we as trauma mamas deal with, is handling professionals. Very rarely do we find a professional who truly wants to partner with us for the benefit of

Acceptable Consequences for Connected Parenting

One of the biggest misnomers for parents when they first encounter trust-based or connected parenting is that it seems like there are no consequences. It feels too permissive. This is actually the reason I